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  1. May Probian
      The May 2024 edition of the Probian is now available on our website (or will be soon).
      Click here for the PDF version .
      You will need a fairly recent version of a PDF reader to view this file. To obtain the latest free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader click here, or the much smaller Foxit PDF Reader click here. If you have difficulties viewing this file, please contact us by clicking here.

  2. May Social Report

  3. April Probian

  4. April Social Report

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  6. March Social Report

  7. February Probian

  8. February Social Report
      The February Social Report is now available on our website.
      Click here for the PDF version.
      It has been decided to send out the Social Report to all members separately from the Probian and a bit sooner from now on.

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  12. More Insurance Options for Probus Members
      Probus Canada has had a long standing relationship with Johnson Insurance offering travel insurance, basic and extended healthcare, dentalcare, and life insurance policies for our members. That relationship has now expanded to include auto and home policies, with special deals for Probus members. If you are in the market to start or renew any such insurance coverage, these plans are an alternative for you to consider.
      To get more information, access the Probus Canada website at From the Main Menu of the Home screen, navigate through Club Reference Guide/Insurance/Policies and click on the policy for which you want information. Be sure to state that you are a Probus member when you make contact.

  13. October Probian

  14. September Probian
      The September 2023 edition of the Probian is now available on our website .
      Click here for the PDF version .
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  15. President's Message ~ September, 2023

  16. September Meeting and AGM
      The September meeting and AGM went off smoothly, with good attendance, an excellent speaker and a transfer of responsibility to our new President Gail McAdam. The new Management Team can be sean on our Board page (click here).

  17. Summer Probian

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  20. Call for Expressions of Interest - Probus Perth Management Committee
      The Management Committee is seeking a Vice-President for the 2023-24 year (September 2023 to September 2024). Please check out the following message and consider volunteering for this poistion. Probus Perth could definitely use your help.
      Call for Expression of Interest.

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  26. Hybrid Meetings
      Your Management Team has decided to try providing Hybrid meetings starting in December 2022, which will allow members who are able to meet in person at the Legion to do so and to permit those who are not able to go in person to attend via Zoom. Members who attend via Zoom are asked to provide any questions they might have for the speaker by entering them in the Chat function in Zoom. Thanks so much to our Tech guru, David Batchelor, and his team for setting this all up.

  27. November Probian

  28. October Probian

  29. Copy of Michael Cohen's Presentation on October 5, 2022

  30. September Probian

  31. AGM News
      At the AGM on September 7, 2022, members accepted the Minutes of the 2021 AGM and the Financial Statements and Reviewer's Comments for the past year. They also accepted the Final Slate of Nominations for the Management Committee for 2022-23. In addition, they approved the Motion to accept the Revised By-laws, as well as the Motion to Increase membership fees to $35 for 2022-2023. The fees for this year are now payable, either by e-Transfer or by cheque and members are asked to make their payments as soon as possible ~ see PAYMENTS-PROBUS PERTH.

  32. Summer Probian

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  34. Social Events in June

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  39. Craig Greenwood, former President of Probus Perth, Takes On a New Role
      Craig Greenwood, who served as President in 2018 - 19, will join Probus Canada’s Board of Directors for a three-year term effective as of their Annual General Meeting in May. Craig will replace Jamie Doolittle as Ontario District 1 Director. The District includes Clubs from Port Hope in the West to Cornwall in the East; North to Ottawa; Southwest to Perth and Campbellford.
      Craig, who was an outstanding President and dedicated member of Perth’s Management Committee, will be an excellent addition to the Probus Canada Board. The management team looks forward to working with Craig and wish him continuing success as he undertakes his new role.

  40. January Probian

  41. Help Wanted
      ~ David Batchelor, our audio/visual guru who makes our virtual Zoom meetings tick, is looking for someone to assist him in making this possible. He is hoping that one of our members with a basic knowledge of computers, microphones, etc. will step forward to act as back-up. David would be very happy to provide instructions on how to help with this necessary role. Please give him a call at 613-264-1559 or email him at .
      ~ Our Social Events Co-ordinators, Mary Kilgour and Gail Read would like help in leading Probus hikes. Specifically, they atre looking for members who have been certified as Hike Leaders by Hike Ontario or a non member who is certified that is wiling to lead a hike.
      ~ Gayda Errett who is stepping into Rob Leonard's shoes as editor of the Probian would like some help with this task, as outlined in the January edition of the Probian. Please have a look and contact her at .
      Note: members who step forward will be highly compensated by the knowledge that they will be helping to make our Club one of the best in the country.

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  47. Proposed Slate of Members of the Management Team For 2021-2022
      The proposed slate of members for the Management Team for the coming year would normally have been presented at the June meeting. Given our inability to meet in person right now, please see the attached note outlining the proposed slate and the process for going forward.
      Please click here.

  48. June Probian

  49. May Probian

  50. Club ZOOM Meetings
      The Management Team has had a number of ZOOM meetings to plan the way forward for our club during the pandemic. On Wednesday April 7, 2021, our club had its first full ZOOM meeting for all members. It went very well, with social time for the first 30 minutes, followed by club announcements for the next 15 minutes. The speaker at the meeting was Ramsey Hart, the Executive Director of The Table in Perth, who spoke about "How The Table is Surviving the Pandemic: Current and Future Needs", It was a very interesting presentation and members were able to post questions via the ZOOM chat function for the speaker at the end of his presentation. We will be following a similar routine for the ZOOM meetings in May 5th and June 2nd.

  51. Our 25th Anniversary
      This year marks the 25th anniversary since Probus Perth was created. The idea came from Wilf Perry, who had heard of another successful club operating in Collingwood Ontario. Wilf got a group of people together and our Club was formed with the assistance of the Perth Rotary Club. The first meeting was held in McMartin House on February 7, 1996 and our Club has been going strong ever since. While there has been a pause in meetings and activities during the current pandemic, our Club will be back in high gear once it is safe for us to do so.

  52. December Probian

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  55. AGM 2019 Minutes

  56. August Probian

  57. Some New Special Activities
      Our Social Events Team has been busy setting up socially distanced activities for your enjoyment to replace previously planned activities which have been cancelled because of COVID. Check out the changes on our Activities page.

  58. June Probian ~ Isolation edition #3

  59. Proposed Slate of Members of the Management Team For 2020-2021
      The proposed slate of members for the Management Team for the coming year would normally have been presented at the June meeting. Given our inability to meet right now, please see the attached note outlining the proposed slate and the process for going forward.
      Please click here.

  60. May Probian ~ Isolation edition #2

  61. Probus Meetings
      The Management Team has taken the decision to cancel all regular meetings until further notice.

  62. April Probian ~ Isolation edition #1

  63. Covid-19 Issue
      Faced with the COVID-19 Pandemic, a team consisting of Gail Read, Derek Cooke, David Farquharson and Bill Michie has put information together for Probus Perth members. This information can be found on the new COVID-19 page of this website, accessible via the navigation button to the left or by clicking on

  64. March Probian

  65. February Probian

  66. A call for website assistance
      Current Probus Perth webmaster, Colin Stephenson, is looking for a club member with website maintenance experience who would be willing to act initially as backup webmaster, as needed, for, with a view to possibly taking over as the webmaster in future. Colin designed the club's initial website in 2006 and launched it in early 2007. He has been the websmaster ever since. If you would be willing to help, please contact Colin at 613-264-2609 or .

  67. Practical Caregiver Training
      We have received information about a 4-Week Practical Caregiver Training Workshop Series, developed by Champlain's Hospice Palliative Care program, which will be offered for the first time in Perth starting on February 24th. It is specifically for unpaid caregivers of loved ones with a life-limiting illness. It being offered free of charge and it is limited to 12 participants. More sessions may be offered later if there is a demand.
      See the attached poster, which includes an application form.

  68. January Probian

  69. December Probian
      The December 2019 edition of the Probian is now available on our website .

  70. Lake 88 Interview with Gary Smith
      Probian Gary Smith and Lillian Thomsen were interviewed on Lake 88 on November 25th about the new book which they co-authored entitled "Not Mentioned in Dispatches", which includes excerpts from the personal notebooks of Canadian diplomats. There was a subsequent book launch on November 30th at the Book Nook in Perth. The book is now on sale at Book Nook along with another book that Gary co-authored entitled "Declassified".
      Listen to the Lake 88 "In Focus" interview.

  71. November Probian

  72. October Probian

  73. September Probian

  74. Guardianship or Equality? Is there a choice?
      Read Audrey Cole's informative speaking notes from her September 4, 2019 presentation on this subject ~ click here

  75. Proposed Membership Bylaw Revision
      At the September 2019 Probus meeting, President Greenwood outlined the need for a revision to the Membership Bylaws limiting total membership to a maximum of 205 people. The revision will be discussed at the October meeting with a membership vote.
      More information.

  76. Summer Probian
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  81. Probus Perth Social Committee Survey
      Your Probus Social Committee is seeking input regarding the current social activities that we offer and additional ideas that fellow Probians would like to recommend in the shaping of the 2019 and beyond social events. If you haven't already received an emailed message about this survey and would like to participate in the survey, you can read the covering letter by clicking here. You will find the survey in two formats by clicking on the links in this covering letter. The instructions for completing and returning the survey are also contained in the covering letter. Thanks very much for your input.
  82. January Probian

  83. December Probian
  84. Canada - USSR Hockey Series of 1972
      In his presentation at the November Probus Meeting, former Canadian Ambassador Gary Smith spoke about his time serving in Russia and his involvement with the legendary 1972 hockey series between Canada and the USSR. Here is a video of that series that you do not want to miss.

      If this video in unavailalble on this page using your browser,
      please click here to go to the YouTube site.
      We suggest clicking on the full screen box.

  85. November Probian
  86. Honouring our veterans

    Fourteen members of our club (above), all former members of military services, were recognized at our November meeting.

  87. October Probian

  88. September Probian
  89. AGM 2018 Minutes
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  95. More Buzz from Buzz
  96. March Probian
      The March 2018 edition of the Probian is now available on our website.
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  102. 2017 AGM Minutes
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  111. November Probian
      The November 2016 edition of the Probian is now available on our website.
  112. October Probian
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  114. Summer Probian
  115. Probus Perth Bench is Now Installed
      As you know, our club has donated a bench to the Town of Perth to mark the 200th anniversary of the Perth Military Settlement and the 20th Anniversary of Probus Perth. This bench has now been installed in Stewart Park and is already being well used, according to Dan Murphy who headed up this project. He witnessed its use by a young couple to feed and change their baby, as well as by his grandchildren and grand dog shown in the picture below. If you are looking for the bench, just walk through Stewart Park from the Band Shell, cross the Green Bridge and turn left. It is in a beautiful location. More on the bench...

  116. May Probian
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  119. February Probian
  120. Mid-Year Financial Review
      Treasurer Don Sherwin has prepared the mid-year financial review and it has been posted on our Financials page. We are sure that members will want to study the report and ask Don lots of questions.
  121. January Probian
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  126. Please Support the Probus Perth Commemorative Bench Project
      As described at the June meeting and in the Summer Probian, our club is proposing to donate a bench to the Town of Perth to mark the 200th anniversary of the Perth Military Settlement and the 20th Anniversary of Probus Perth. Dan Murphy has scouted out Stewart Park this summer, looking for a fitting location for our gift of the commemorative bench to the Town. He wanted a central location that would be easily accessible for seniors, one that offered a pleasing view and that wouldn't be flooded at certain times of the year. One location stood out and he has obtained a "handshake" deal with the Town for what they and Dan believe is probably the best site in the entire Park.

      We will have a stand-alone site on the banks of the water downstream from the Green Bridge looking north (more or less!). The view is beautiful and includes the Green Bridge, the fast water, Haggart Park with the stone of Codes Mill and the lawns and a beautiful maple tree at the Crain property in the background. The site is level and would allow easy access by foot or with an electric wheel chair etc. There is parking nearby. Dan says that it would offer a great view of the annual duck race and would be a neat spot to enjoy the Stewart Park Festival.

      The bench is expected to cost $1,600. Donations are entirely voluntary, but if most of our 146 members were to contribute in the $10 to $15 range, it should cover the costs. Any additional funds will be applied to our 20th Anniversary Dinner Party fund. Should the funding effort fail, contributions will be refunded.

      Please see the attached poster and consider donating to the project at the first meeting you attend.

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  138. Information on Tics and Lyme Disease
      Following the excellent presentation on Tics and Lyme Disease at the June meeting, one of our presenters, Al McGregor, provided a whole lot more information that he did not have time to address fully in the time available. It is a pretty interesting compilation of information and worth reading.
      Click here for information. (Note: large PDF file)
      Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation Website
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  146. October Probian
  147. Competition, Patent Law and the Canadian Digital Economy
      The October speaker, George Addy, provided an extremely insightful and entertaining presentation on the Canadian Digital Economy. The presentation was jam-packed with information that many of us may want to re-examine at our leisure. Fortunately George has given us permission to display his presentation in its entirety on our website. It is in PDF format and we recommend that you press the presentation mode icon to view it full screen where possible (4 arrows towards top right of the screen).
      Click here for the presentation.
  148. Comprehensive Insurance Benefits for Probus Members
      Probus Centre Canada has worked with Johnson Inc., a national benefits provider, to develop a voluntary benefit plan available to Probus members. For Probus members in good standing under the age of 75, there is a one-time open enrolment period from September 15, 2013 to October 31, 2013 (now extended to November 15, 2013) to join the Extended Health Care with Prestige Travel Plan without providing medical evidence of insurability. Additional benefit plan offerings are available to Probus members – Dental, Life, and more!
      Probus Member Plan Summary
      Frequently asked questions
      Johnson Inc webpage for Probus members ~
  149. Cyber-security update
  150. September Probian
  151. Summer Probian
  152. Trip on Big Rideau Aboard "Surprise"
      Dennis Dwyer has once again generously invited Probus Perth members to take a cruise on the Rideau this summer aboard his boat "Surprise".
      Click here for more information
  153. May Probian
  154. April Probian
  155. March Probian
  156. Organ Donation Registration
      Our March speaker, Cheri Barton, made a compelling presentation for organ donations. Among many other things, she said that age is not a reason for not registering. Still need more convincing? Please watch the following short video from the Trillium Gift of Life website.

      Several members have subsequently registered for organ donation and say that it is very fast, secure and oh so easy ~ click here to register now, then be sure to tell your family you have done so.
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  164. Surprise Trip on Big Rideau
  165. May Probian
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  171. November Probian
  172. Fall Colours Tour
      The Probus Perth Fall Colours Tour was a great success in spite of the grey weather. Many thanks to Mary for organizing it so well.
      Click here for slideshow.
  173. October Probian
  174. September Probian
  175. Summer Probian
  176. May Probian
  177. Newsletter Editor / Team Leader Wanted
      Probus Perth is looking for a member who would be willing to act as Editor / Team Leader for the newsletter for the coming year. This is an opportunity for someone who enjoys reading the Probian on a monthly basis to put his or her stamp on it. Colin Stephenson has acted in this capacity for the past 3 years and is willing to act as trainer / advisor to help the new recruit get up to speed. He is also willing to continue as webmaster for Probus Perth. This is a rather fun job and not overly taxing. Please consider giving back to the club by volunteering for this position.
      Click here for complete job description
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  181. January Probian
  182. December Probian
  183. Quebec Winter Carnival Tour ~ February 3-6, 2011 ~ POSTPONED until next season.
  184. November Probian
  185. October Probian
  186. Free electronics recycling
      One of our members recommended a free environmentally sensitive recycling site in Smiths Falls for old computer equipment and other electronic gear. He felt that others might like to know about it, since most of us are reluctant hoarders of the stuff. The company, Twenty-Twelve Electronics Recycling, is located at 42 James Street Smiths Falls, north end of building ~ if you are looking at the building from the street, it is the end to your right.
      Flyer from company
  187. Rideau Cruise
      The Rideau Cruise aboard the General Brock III was as huge success, with 57 Probus members and guests in attendance. Many thanks to Mary Kilgour for organizing this wonderful event and attending to all of the details that enhanced our enjoyment of this event, including fabulous weather and a birthday celebration for both Jean and Bruce who were coincidently celebrating their 39th (again). Thanks to Peter Craske for our musical entertainment and to Captain Andy and his crew for looking after us so well. Thanks to Ernie and Carol for the pictures and slide show. And thanks to all who participated and made it so much fun.
      Click here for a slide show of the event
      Click here for pre-trip information on the Rideau Cruise .
      Click here for the Rideau Canal Cruises website.
  188. October meeting moved
      The October meeting has been moved to October 13th to accommodate a repair project at the Legion.
  189. September Probian
  190. Summer Probian
  191. Surprise Trip on Big Rideau
  192. Gananoque Trip
  193. May Probian
  194. May meeting slideshow
  195. April Probian
  196. Rotary Club of Perth - Guatemala Eye Clinic '10
      At the April 2010 Probus Meeting, David Bachelor reminded the club that the Perth contingent will be leaving for Guatemala on April 10th. As you may recall from Carl Whitehouse's presentation in January,the team will head south with 2500 pairs of donated glasses, testing equipment, medications, supplies, and enthusiasm for a 2 week period including travel time (see January Probian). You can follow the heart warming adventures of fellow Probus members Carl & Babara Whitehouse and David & Pat Batchelor by logging on to their blog by clicking here. This blog is well worth following!
  197. March Probian
  198. February Probian
  199. January Probian
  200. Dinner & Theatre Event
      Interest is very high for our Jan 22nd Dinner at the Ston eCellar and 'The Affections of May' at the Studio Theatre.
      For details please click here
  201. December Probian
  202. Christmas Party Slideshow
      The Christmas Party at the Golf Club on December 10th was a great success. The full house obviously enjoyed the dinner, the entertainment, the dancing and the conviviality of the evening. Hats off to the organizers Glen Pettinger and Mary Kilgore for a great event. A short slideshow of the event is available by clicking here, thanks to Ernie and Carol Trischuk.
      Note that if you are using dial-up, you may have to lengthen the interval time on the slideshow. To do this, bring up the slideshow, then place your cursor on the screen near the bottom of the image and click on the "+" sign to increase the interval time from 3 to about 10 seconds. That should give your internet connection enough time to focus the pictures.
  203. Steam Train Slideshow
      Thanks to Ernie and Carol Trischuk, a slideshow is now available for the Wakefield Steam Train Excursion in October ~ please click here. Participants have indicated that they had a great time on this outing. Many thanks to Ernie for organizing it so well.
  204. November Probian
  205. General Addy's Presentation
      At the November 4th Probus meeting, General Clive Addy gave a very compelling presentation on “Today’s Soldier”. Unfortunately technical difficulties prevented us from displaying his slide show at the meeting. Thanks to John Gittens, we now have the slide show available and we have installed it on our website ~ please click here. (Dial-up viewers may experience some delays.) You might also be interested to know that the Management Committee has taken steps to iron out similar technical difficulties well before future Probus meetings where humanly possible. John Gittens has agreed to become our Technical Director to make this initiative a reality.
  206. Denise Mullins
      It is with much sadness that we inform Probus Perth members of the death of our cohort Denise Mullins on Oct.26th. Her many years of involvement in and continued support of the Probus Club will be sorely missed.

      A short tribute to Denise will be offered by Bob Black at the commencement of the Probus Nov 4th meeting. If you know of a humorous story about Denise please feel free to speak to Bob. Or you may wish to convey it yourself at our meeting.

      There will be a memorial service in St. John's Church, Perth on Saturday, October 31st, 2009 at 10:00 A.M. The obituary for Denise is available by clicking here.

  207. October Probian
  208. Probus Perth Welcomes New Members
      The Probus Club of Perth is now welcoming new members. There is normally a waiting list of applicants for membership in the club, which is capped at 150 members, but currently there is membership room available. If you are new to the community and/ or recently retired, Probus Perth may well be of interest to you. Please feel free to contact us about membership or about coming out to one of our meetings to see if Probus is for you.
  209. September Probian
  210. Steam Train Excursion
  211. Summer Probian
  212. Recollections of the Longest Day
      A copy of the text of Peter Craske's moving personal journey on D-Day, "Recollections of the Longest Day", is available by clicking here. Although the text does not contain the "off-the-cuff" remarks that Peter made during his presentation, it is well worth the read, even if you were at the June meeting when he made his presentation on the 65th anniversary of that historic day. A video was also made of his presentation and we are looking into ways that it may be made available.
  213. May Probian
  214. Forever Plaid ~ revised travel plans
      As Ernie mentioned at the May Probus meeting, the bus to Gananoque for the musical comedy Forever Plaid has been cancelled because of insufficient numbers, so we will be going by car instead. We are planning to meet in the Legion parking lot at 10:00 am on May 27th, to give people the opportunity to travel together if they wish. Don Sherwin has indicated that 20 people are planning to go, including one person who has paid, but whose name has been misplaced. If you have paid but have not yet been contacted by email, please let us know by clicking here.
      The musical comedy, Forever Plaid, is in the 1000 Island Playhouse, Springer Theatre, located at 185 South Street Gananoque. A printable Google map for the trip can be seen by clicking here. We suggest parking close to the Playhouse on arrival, as it gets parked up later on.
      We will pick up the tickets for the group when we get to Gananoque, before we go to lunch. We will be going for lunch at Muskie Jake’s Tap and Grill in the Gananoque Inn, 550 Stone Street South (click here for menu). We have made a reservation there for a group of 20 people.
  215. Images from Trenton
      On Wednesday, April 15th, Keith Brown organized a wonderful visit to the National Air Force Museum of Canada in Trenton. Twenty Probians enjoyed an excellent guided tour and time afterwards to look closer at the displays and roam the Airpark outside to see the many planes on display and the “ASTRA” Stone memorial granite bricks which commemorate air force personal. It was a great outing and many thanks to Keith for organizing it. Some pictures can be seen on our website, as indicated below.
      (Submitted by Dale Nugent)

      Carol & Ernie and Dale & Jeanne have kindly made available some of their pictures from the recent Probus trip to visit the Trenton RCAF Museum. Thanks to Keith Brown for organizing this trip..
      Please click here for the slideshow.
      Note that if you are using dial-up, you may have to lengthen the interval time on the slideshow. To do this, bring up the slideshow, then place your cursor on the screen near the bottom of the image and click on the "+" sign to increase the interval time from 3 to about 10 seconds. That should give your internet connection enough time to focus the pictures.

  216. April Probian now available
  217. Images from the sugar bush
      Carol and Ernie have kindly made available some of their pictures from the recent Probus outing to visit the Kettle Boys at Fortune Farms.
      Please click here for the slideshow.
      Note that if you are using dial-up, you may have to lengthen the interval time on the slideshow. To do this, bring up the slideshow, then place your cursor on the screen near the bottom of the image and click on the "+" sign to increase the interval time from 3 to about 10 seconds. That should give your internet connection enough time to focus the pictures.
  218. March Probian now available
  219. February Probian now available
  220. January Probian
  221. Susan Code to the rescue
      When a scheduling problem postponed (to March) our original January speaker, local historian and story-teller Susan Code came to our rescue with some stories "from her back pocket". It turns out that the stories are expected to be included in her next book. Judging by the audience response, many in attendance will likely be buying that book when it is published. For more on Susan, please click here.
  222. December Probian now available
  223. Probus Christmas Dinner
      The Probus Christmas Dinner was held at the Links O'Tay Golf Club on Friday December 12th. There was an excellent turnout for this annual event and a huge "thank you" to Denise for organizing it once again!!! It goes without saying that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely ~ the meal was superb, the conversation lively and the dancing......well you judge for yourself ~ click here for the evidence (Note: Thanks to Ernie for the pictures ~ click on the first one to enlarge and then use the arrows.)
  224. November Probian
  225. October Probian now available
  226. October speaker ~ Harry Needham
      Harry Needham is the former Director, Programs and Operations, of the Canadian War Museum and Treasurer of the Canadian Battlefields Foundation. His presentation is called "A Tale of Six Grandfathers" ~ a slightly different topic than previously advertised. His life-long interest in military history and genealogy, combined with almost thirty years of service in the Canadian Army, have given him a knowledge of Ontario's history in the colonial period that he is keen to share with others. He is also the Program Chairman of the Probus Club of Kanata and this is the presentation he keeps in his back pocket for the day when one of his speakers doesn't turn up!
  227. September Probian now available
  228. Prince Edward County Wine Tour ~ CANCELLED
      There is still lots of room for members and their friends to take part in this year's wine tour in beautiful Prince Edward County on September 24th. A similar tour of different wineries in this region 2 years ago was one of the highlights of the year for Probus. Prince Edward County is a region with its own unique micro-climate that is capable of producing some excellent wines. People who have recently visited the area are saying that the wines are even better than they were 2 years ago and that the wineries are beginning to win some prestigious awards. The reason appears to be that the vines are that much more mature and the wineries are able to produce wines entirely from their own vineyards without the need to blend. This year, the trip includes a tour of Waupoos Estates Winery (click here for their website), which was the first winery in the region. Waupoos features some excellent whites and reds and of particular note is their distinctive Geisenheim Dry white. The second Tour is of the Huff Estates Winery, which focuses on Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Gris. Huff Estates also has a rather sophisticated inn on its premises. (Click here for their website.). Lunch will be served at the prestigious Waring House, which bills itself as a restaurant, Inn, Conference Centre and Cookery School. You just know that the food will be good! (Click here for their website.) The trip will include a stretch along the scenic Loyalist Parkway, as well as some every scenic spots in the County. If you and your friends are interested in a memorable day, please sign up with Pat at Heritage Travel in the Perth Mews Mall. The cost is $90 each and is all inclusive, with the possible exception of the bottles of wine you may want to cart home. This event has been cancelled since there were not enough participants to fill the bus. Apologies to those who wished to go.
  229. Summer Probian now available
      The Summer edition is now available on our website on an advance basis. You may read it by clicking here. It is possible that there may be a few changes to this edition before it is printed, so you may want to check it out again later as well.
  230. Membership Fees
      As you know, Probus Perth membership fees for the year 2008-09 are due at the first meeting in September. To avoid the fee payment line-ups that normally take place at that meeting, the Management Team is urging members to renew by mail. The membership fees are being held at the reduced rate of $15 per person. A membership renewal form is available by clicking here. Please fill out this form on your computer or by hand and send it together with your cheque to Probus Box 2164, Perth, Ont., K7H 3M9.

      If you are not currently a Probus Perth member, but would like to become one, please contact Memberships Director, Rod Woolham at 613-267-1300, or by email by clicking here. New members are asked to pay an initiation fee of $10.00, in addition to the annual membership fee of $15.00.
  231. From Russia With Love
      The following information on our September speaker, Nancy Scarth, is intended to whet your appetite for the first meeting after the summer break ~ Wednesday, September 3, 2008.

      Siberia conjures up visions of salt mines and prison camps. But a slide show by Nancy Scarth will present a much different picture of "Lake Baikal", this most sacred and world famous lake.

      Nancy Scarth, a keen outdoorswoman, first female graduate in engineering (BSc in Engineering Physics) from Queens and later received a degree in Slavic Studies from Ottawa U. She has traveled extensively in the USSR/Russia during the last 20 years. This talk was well received at her Probus group in Manotick.
  232. May Probian now available
      The May edition is now available on our website. Check it out by clicking here. If you currently receive a copy of the Probian by mail, you may want to consider accessing it through this website instead, since it is now faster and easier to view and print. Just let us know by clicking here that you wish to receive a monthly email telling you when the latest Probian is available. This will save the club money for printing and mailing and will be better for the environment. It may also lead to lower membership fees in future.
  233. April Probian now available
  234. March Probian now available
  235. Information on our April speaker

      You won't want to miss our April speakers ~ David and Helga Zimmerly and their slide presentation on the Galapagos Islands.

      As an anthropologist and world traveler, David has long used his camera to record cultures from the Arctic to Africa, from India to Peru. He is especially interested in photographing people and they are comfortable with him, resulting in memorable photos.

      As part of his anthropology studies at the University of Colorado, David took a photojournalism course. It stood him in good stead while doing his PhD research in Labrador where he became a stringer for the St. Johns Evening telegram.

      David was Arctic Anthropologist for the National Museum of Man (now the Canadian Museum of Civilization) for 11 years. Photography became an integral part of his work among the Inuit in Canada and the Yuit of Hooper Bay, Alaska.

      In 1986, David and his wife, Helga, left Ottawa to roam the world in their cruising sailboat. Since settling in Perth in 1996, David has been actively pursuing digital photography and weaving. His work with the Guatemala Stove Project allows him to explore weaving traditions in Guatemala with his camera.

      For further information and a sampling of David's photography and weaving, check out his website by clicking here.

  236. March meeting cancelled
      For the first time ever, the March meeting was cancelled due to the weather. After many phone calls and advisories that people would not be able to come to the meeting, President Helen Black made the decision to cancel the scheduled speaker, Ken Watson, who would have had to come in from near Elgin. He has been re-booked for June 4th. About 12 hardy souls who made it to the Legion waited around until nearly 10am and then made the decision to go to Tim Horton's for a coffee and a very pleasant mini-meeting! Word was left at the Legion about the change in plans, but apologies to anyone who arrived late and did not get the message.
  237. The Probian ~ February 2008 Edition is available ~ February 19, 2008
  238. Heads up on February Speaker ~ January 19, 2008
      At the February 6th Probus meeting, John Clement will speak on future plans of the Perth BIA. The Perth BIA has been a major player in the beautification of downtown Perth (click here for more information on the BIA and click here for an example of one project the BIA has promoted). In addition to his day jobs of publishing the Perth Courier and running Clement Printing (read more about the Perth Courier by clicking here), John has been heavily involved with the BIA for many years as well as numerous other organizations and projects designed to make Perth a better place in which to live.
  239. The Probian ~ January 2008 Edition is available ~ January 19, 2008
  240. Survey ~ January 19, 2008
      The Management Team would like your input on what speakers and special events you would like us to feature, so that our program will meet your needs. Please complete the attached survey and get it back to us in one of the following ways:
  241. Food Bank
      Reminder to bring your chequebooks to the February or March meeting: The Perth Food Bank always needs help during the winter months. In February and in March, Bob Black will be accepting donations on its behalf. Please give generously, making cheques payable to "Perth Food Bank"; your charitable contribution receipt will arrive in February 2009.
  242. January meeting date changed
      The January meeting has been pushed back a week to January 9, 2008, to give people a chance to fully recover from the festivities.
  243. The Probian ~ December 2007 Edition ~ December 17, 2007
  244. The Probian ~ November 2007 Edition ~ November 16, 2007
  245. The Probian ~ October 2007 Edition ~ October 27, 2007
  246. The Probian ~ September 2007 Edition ~ September 21, 2007
  247. Financial Report ~ now available ~ September 2, 2007
      The Statement of Cash Receipts and disbursements for the year ending August 31, 2007 is now available by clicking here (in PDF format). A paper version will be provided at the AGM, which will take place at the September 5, 2007 meeting.
  248. The Probian ~ Summer 2007 Edition ~ August 26, 2007
  249. The Probian ~ May 2007 Edition ~ May 27, 2007
  250. The Probian ~ April 2007 Edition ~ April 25, 2007
  251. The Probian ~ March 2007 Edition ~ March 27, 2007
  252. Further words from Mike Nickerson ~ March 23, 2007
      Mike Nickerson, the speaker at the March meeting requested that we circulate a note of additional things people might wish to consider. The note is available by clicking here.
  253. The Probian ~ February 2007 Edition ~ February 20, 2007
      The February edition is now available on our own website. You should find it easier and faster to load than previous versions. Check it out by clicking here.

  254. New website for Probus Perth ~ February 20, 2007
      At long last the Probus Perth website is operational. You should know that the website is a work-in-progress and not all of the functions are working yet. This site should allow members to keep abreast of the latest Probus news and to find information about the club and its activities new and old. Just think of it as your personal Probus file on the net.